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24 September 2006 @ 11:27 am
*waves a torch around* :D  
*gasp* I wanna kill two couples! Is it alright if they’re both slash couples? ‘Cause there’s really no het couple I wanna kill at the moment… X3;;;

The first slash couple I’d like to kill is Kratos x Yuan from the game Tales of Symphonia. When I played the game, I seriously got the vibe of Kratos and Yuan utterly despising each other. Both seemed to want to kill each other, seriously, and suddenly fans make them want to… screw each other? :/ I really don’t think Kratos would want to screw someone who’s threatened and used his son’s life so many times. I also had a bad RP experience that had to do with this pairing that never made me look at it without feeling a burning hatred for it, so yeah. 8D

And the second that I’d love to kill is Shibuya Yuuri x Wolfram von Bielefeld from the anime Kyou Kara Maou. Being a Conrad/Yuuri fan, it gets on my very last nerves when a twelve-year old YuuRam fan bashes us simply for liking the pairing and Conrad in particular, while we just sit quietly and twitch. Personally, I’ve never seen any hint of Yuuri liking Wolfram in return, while it seemed to me that he utterly adored Conrad. I hate it when the fans make Yuuri this super seme sex god who suddenly realizes he has a passionate love for Wolfram, when he’s really just a dorky guy who probably wouldn’t know what love and sex was even if someone explained it to him slowly. The immature fans who flame characters/pairings who "get in the way of the pairing" or coo over Wolfram and say that Yuuri must love him soon or even claim that there are episodes beyond the last episode that have the pairing in it (Pssssh) have mainly been the ones to make me dislike this pairing, though I never liked it in the first place. And the fact that it’s EVERYWHERE. Effin’ EVERYWHERE. So! I wanna killz it. :D
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