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Let's Kill a Couple!

Share the hatred!
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WELCOME to kill_a_couple, a community where you're free to share your hatred for certain pairings. I haven't seen a community like this yet, but that doesn't mean there isn't one....8D If you see one, then tell me~! I'll be sure to link them, because I wouldn't be original doing this on LJ. Also, contact me if you're interested in being a co-mod or affiliating!

Basically, the point of this is to claim the pairing you hate the most. You can only claim two pairings to keep others open to other haters, one het and one slash. :D Also, only one person can kill a couple at a time! So, no hogging. :D I'll add you to the claims list with each update (updates should be at least weekly, considering I have no life and sit in front of my computer all day pretending I'm a ninja). Unfortunately, I'd probably only take a co-mod for the sake of approving and not updating, because they can't edit my post. XD When my domain comes back, I'll link the claims list from it, but unfortunately (at least for me), it's down for who knows how long. D: ANYWAY!

Are you sick of seeing rabid, illiterate fangirls bash your OTP with some stupid junk pairing? Sick of rabid, illiterate fangirls spreading around stupid rumors about some stupid couple having a kid (OMGLOL THE CREATURZ DELETED THAT EPPY!!!11)? Well, I can safely say that I am. And if you're looking at this, there's a pretty good chance you are too.

So, this is the place for you! My theory is (at least not with actual living things, because that would make me a horrible person) that if you don't like something...KILL IT! 8D So, if you're getting irked off the deep end by some stupid couple, then join the community, post your kill, and I'll add it to the list~!

How do you kill a couple? It's fairly simple, actually~! Just join the community, and make a new entry stating whatever you want to kill. For my mental sanity, please do it in this format:

Couple, Fandom.

If you'd like to add in extra stuff, that's fine too-just make sure to add in that little bit or I might have no idea what to do. I'm not well-versed in every single fandom, and that would save me a huge headache. Please, think of my brain.

If you wanna stick a little extra in your post, please do it behind a cut! Not everyone hates the same thing you do, and I don't want this community to turn into the new home for fandom wank. Kthx.

Just in case you missed it up there, the kill list is here~!

Modded by manjyome. ^_^
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